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19th Apr, 20
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Ok, so it's finally here. I'm finally ready to put out my online version of Drawn to Create - Beginners Drawing Course. So why do I feel there needs to be a disclaimer? Well... a couple of reasons. 


Firstly I want to explain that I probably look incredibly tired in the videos for this course. And the reason for that? I was. I filmed this during a really rough time; during January 2019. I was barely sleeping, having little more than 3-4 hours at a time and what little I did get was fraught with tense and troubling nightmares. My marriage had not long ended, the last couple of months of which were stressful and soul-crushing beyond belief. Any little scrap of confidence I'd managed to build over the years had now been stripped away. I was also coming to terms with the fact that art wasn't going to be something I could maintain as a career while building my life again. It just wasn't on the cards for me. 


I say these things not to garner sympathy, but to explain why the bags under my eyes are so incredibly dark, and why sometimes, I feel at least, I may not have explained things as well as I would have liked, or as well as is needed. 


Which also explains the second reason for this post. This course is free. I use to run this beginners course in person, and then decided it would be good to turn it into an online course for those who didn’t live close by or couldn’t make in-person classes. In person teaching is a whole different ballgame. If you have questions, I'm able to answer them straight away and if I can see that you're struggling to understand something, I can attempt to explain it another way. I can respond to you in real time and coach you better that way. It’s also incredible for me as I learn new ways of teaching, and in turn my students teach me new ways of looking at life and drawing.


Granted online learning is a great substitute if you don’t have the same course available in person near you. However, at least in part, because of the first reason I couldn't bring myself to finish it until this last couple of weeks, and I still don't feel it's at a good enough place to charge people for it. At some point, and if I have enough feedback and want for it, I may look at refilming the course, or at least adding in some supplemental videos to further explain concepts that need a deeper dive. I still love talking, learning and teaching about art, and rewatching some of these videos has made me keener to pick up a pencil. I know finishing this online course has been a bit of a block in my life and art so perhaps with it finally up and out into the world I will find myself throwing myself into it once again.


Time shall tell.


Until then, I hope you enjoy the new website, (mostly) all hand-coded by yours truely. Hopefully it won't break, fingers-crossed. If you give the drawing course a go, let me know! I'd love to see your before drawings, and any and all you fill your pages with. And enjoy learning to see like an artist.


Amelia x

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