Welcome to Drawn to Create


My name is Amelia Margaurite, I am an Australian, self-taught artist and I want to let you know a little about is contained within this course.


The purpose of this course is to help you learn, from the beginners level, how to draw accurately. This will be from real life as well as from images. We’re going to learn techniques to become more observant, which will helps us see more clearly how things are and being able to draw that.


So much to do with drawing accurately actually comes from learning to see accurately. I’m going to run you through different exercises to train your brain to see more accurately.This is a really fun, eye-opening process and gives you a solid foundation to go ahead with drawing. If you’ve ever found yourself trying to draw something that you see and it’s just not coming out right? This is what will help you.

Amelia Margaurite runs on coffee. If you'd like to donate to her adequate caffeination, please click here.