Before Drawing - Hand

Alright. Here we are. Getting into the juicy stuff. Here we’re going to do our very first proper drawing – of your hand! Hands are rather handy (hehe) in that they’re generally always here and available to practice with. Just put them in some interesting pose and away you go.


For this drawing we’re going to set a timer to 15 minutes. You can use your phone, or another handy timing device, or there are plenty online you can use such as this one simply within Google’s search engine. So long as you can set the time yourself and you can see/hear when it goes off, you’re good to go.


Remember to relax. This isn’t a life or death situation. This is simple a record where you are at this moment in time. It isn’t a judge of your character or a foreboding of your theoretical lack of skill. This is a marker in time. One we’re going to look back at in six weeks and marvel at how you’ve improved. So don’t over think it. Just run with it. Enjoy.


Instruction: Rest your hand in a comfortable position in front of you, one you will be able to hold for the time allotted. Set your timer and away you go.

Materials: 2H/HB Pencil, paper, eraser

Timer: 15 mins

Let's Debrief

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