Week Two Debrief + Extra Work

And there we have, having survived, maybe even thrived in, the second week! Well done. Seriously. To continue to do each weeks work is a feat worth celebrating. So pat yourselves on the back – and don’t forget to share what you’re up to! I love to see how you are going. I’d love to hear what you found hardest about this weeks exercises and what you found to be the most rewarding? 


And for those of you who would like some extra work this week you don’t need to draw, just observe. Draw with your eyes…


– Observe general objects around the house. Imagine the negative space around the object. If the object were to suddenly disappear, what would be the shapes left behind?

– Observe the contours of objects and hands. Imagine drawing them, do they curve upwards, or downwards, and they slightly thicker and darker and one end? What does it look like when two lines meet? 

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