Drawing in the Features

Now we’re going to continue on with our previous drawing. As mentioned, we’re not going to complete this drawing today, we’re just getting started on it. 


Instruction: Using either the facial proportions you have previously drawn up in your book, or start redraw them fresh, and start drawing in the features of the face using your reference image, into the spots on the page they match.



Take your time with this exercise. Really begin to learn to see the true shape of features. Pay special attention to the shape of the eye, where the tear duct lines up compared to the outer eye. Where do the eye lashes actually start from? What are the darkest areas of the nose? These especially are areas where we need to pay special attention to understand what is going on. We have ingrained ideas of what these shapes are, but if you only ever draw what you can see, the shapes are very different. 



Materials: 2H/HB, reference image

Timer: 20 mins


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