Facial Proportions Instructions

Follow the instructions in the video. You may want to watch it through once first, then again following what I’ve explained. These proportions are fascinating, but they can be a lot to try and take in. It’s good to remember that you don’t need to memorise them! It’s more important that you know that they exist so when you do go to draw from life or from a picture you know you can look for porportions on the subject to use to create a more accurate drawing.


Instruction: Using the reference image provided and your tracing paper trace the oval shape of the face.  Take some time recreating this oval shape on a spare page in your diary. Every head is different, but they all share similar characteristics such as being more spherical at the top of the head and tapering down towards the chin.



Create a face shape which takes up a good portion of a new page. This will be the base of your face.



Next, on your tracing paper again over your printed reference image, draw lines across the noted features such as eye line, vertical half way line, nose etc. Draw these one at a time, and then draw in the respective line on your oval in your diary. Eg draw a line on your tracing paper along the eyeline, then measure or estimate this same position and draw a line on your oval in your diary. Continue until you have all proportions drawn in as seen on the below handout.



Materials: 2H/HB, tracing paper (or baking paper), printed reference image, ruler

Timer: 30 mins

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