After Drawing - Hand

Before we start our ‘after’ drawing, we’re going to do a couple of exercises to remind ourselves what we’ve learned and to put them into practice.


Contour Drawing

Instruction: place hand in comfortable but intesting pose, draw the contours (lines, shape) of your hand without lifting your pencil

Materials: 2B/4B Pencil

Timer: 5 mins


Negative Space Hand Drawing

Instruction: once again, place your hand in comfortable but intesting pose. We’re going to draw the hand, but this time we’re going to focus mainly on the negative space around the hand and between fingers. This won’t be a complete drawing, as it’s only for 5 minutes, but use to time to see the spaces, and use the spaces to get an accurate idea of where and how large fingers are compared to another, how they compare to the hand as a whole, what shape they make.

Materials: 2H/HB Pencil

Timer: 5 mins

Hand Drawing


Here we go. The first of our ‘after’ drawings. Time to put into action all the things we’ve learned in the last five weeks. Here are somethings to remember while redrawing:

Forget What You’re Looking At: forget that you’re looking at a hand. Clear your mind and realise what you’re looking at is really a combination of lines, shapes and shadows. You want to look at the angles of lines, how far lines are apart from each other and how they curve.

Negative Space: Can you unfocus on the object in front of you and see the space around it? Can you see break that down into shapes of their own? See what angles these shapes make, how large they are compared to other parts

Remember to have a look back at your before drawing and see what changes you’d make this time. See in that drawing what parts you know you’re going to be able to improve because of the things you have learned so far.


Instruction: Get comfortable! Place your hand in front of you in a very comfortable, but still interesting postion. If you choose to hold something, make sure you can hold it for the whole time. And draw.

Materials: Start with 2H/HB, if you have time use a variety of pencils to shade.

Timer: 20 mins

Let's Debrief

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